Frequently Asked Questions

How long can your Drone fly for?

Our system can fly under normal conditions for 16 minutes. When these 16 minutes are up we simply land the Drone, swap the battery with a fully charged unit and we are straight back in the air again within 1 minute.

What is the highest your Drone can fly and at what range?

Under strict CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) regulations we can fly NO higher than 122 Meters (400 feet) We can also fly a maximum of 500 Meters away from the Pilot. These rules and regulations are put in place for the safety of everyone involved and are never an issue.

How fast can your Drone fly and how low can a picture be taken?

Our Drone can fly at a maximum speed of 32 mph (50 kph) and can hover at 1 inch off the ground independently if a picture is required from this height.

Do weather conditions matter for Drone flying?

Simple answer - Yes. Drone View NI can operate in many different weather conditions, in wind speeds up to 25 mph and in low level cloud. We cannot operate in Rain but we don't find this to be very restrictive. Weather in this country can be very changeable so we keep a close eye on the weather forecast with the view to keeping you well updated in the days before your booking.

Are your videos stable and of good quality?

Absolutely, our Drone is fitted with a 3-axis gimbal on sensitive rubber mountings allowing it to independently remain stable during flight even in gusts of wind. The quality of our videos are superb with 4K Video resolution (2160x1440 pixel) as well as still pictures also. See this video for a perfect example Seaghan Dam Video

I have another question or how do i book Drone View NI?

Simply click this button > Contact DroneViewNI or Visit our Enquiry page