Chimney Inspection

Drone View NI have taken these below pictures as an example of what our Aerial Work could provide

A respective company would had 3 choices to determine the physical state of the structure:

  1. Photographic inspection in HD using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) (Drone)
  2. Hydraulic Crane with Man Basket
  3. Putting up scaffolding, with hours of labour to inspect the current state of the chimney 

The company chose the safest, most cost effective and fastest option of getting Drone View NI to take a selection of HD photographs of the chimney at various points of interest and a full 2160 x 1440 4K Resolution Video, all of which was completed within 90 minutes of arriving on the site itself.

Box A - 2 Bricks which are obviously not attached to the chimney with cement or any adhesive

Box B - Part of a steel brace remaining which is missing half of what would have been there

Below are some sample pictures which where taken on the day

Contact now for a FREE no obligation quote [email protected]

Contact now for a FREE no obligation quote [email protected]